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Promoting play requires that they have ample time to engage in freely available and accessible, developmentally appropriate and well-resourced opportunities for exploration, creativity and 'meaning making' in the company of other children, with participating and supportive adults and alone where appropriate.

The importance of play in education is gaining growing recognition because of its role in developing and demonstrating verbal communications, social and interaction skills, imaginative thinking and problem-solving capacities.


Our outdoor environment is spacious, pleasant and safe and is laid out to accommodate the needs of all the children in our setting.

The outdoor environment provides a range of developmentally appropriate, challenging, diverse, creative and enriching experiences for all children.

For the young baby, the outdoors offers varied experiences appealing to their senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and movement.

For the older child the outdoor play area is a place for physical and often emotional release. It forms such an important part of a child's life supporting their need for fresh air and an opportunity to explore different forms of play.

While outdoors, children are free to express themselves and exercise in ways that are generally not available inside, helping develop muscles, spatial awareness and body control.

We provide a covered outdoor play, soft matted and grass area which has proved to be an invaluable asset to our centre.


Looking after your child, their learning & happiness is our happiness!



Co. Kerry

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