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Causeway, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Tel 066 7148898

Email naleanai01@gmail.com

Looking after your child, their learning & happiness is our happiness!

Our aim at “Na Leanaí” Childcare Centre is to provide a safe, caring environment, where each child is encouraged to learn through play. To explore, experiment and learn about their world through all the different experiences provided.

We do this with the help of fully qualified staff and with you the parents. As the child's primary carer we value your contribution and together we will help each child to reach their full potential. Children's learning is holistic. This means that we need to nurture children as social, emotional and capable members of the community.

Strong Relationship

Our centre is committed to the smooth transition of the children and the parents into the pre-school and crèche service. Settling in should be a positive experience as it will influence children’s self-confidence, attitude to relationships, socialising and will lay the  foundation for future learning.




Healthy Children

Our Staff & Management Committee of Na Leanaí Childcare centre promote a healthy eating policy.

The staff and management at  ‘Na Leanaí’ likewise are committed to the promotion of a clean and healthy environment.

Parents as Partners

The centre recognises the importance of parents as the primary educators and we welcome and value their contribution in our childcare centre