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AIM Programme
AIM (Access and Inclusion Model) 

The Better Start Access and Inclusion Model (A.I.M) is a model of supports designed to ensure that children with disabilities can access the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) programme. Its goal is to empower service providers to deliver an inclusive pre-school experience, ensuring that every eligble child can fully participate in the ECCE programme and reap the benefits of quality early years care and education.

AIM is a child-centric model, involving seven levels of progressive support, moving from the universal to the targeted, based on the needs of the child and the service provider. For many children, the universal supports offered under the model will be sufficient. For others, one particular discrete support may be required to enable participation in pre-school, such as access to a piece of specialised equipment. For a small number, a suite of different services and supports may be necessary. In other words, the model is designed to be responsive to the needs of each individual child in the context of their pre-school setting. It will offer tailored, practical supports based on need and will not require a formal diagnosis of disability.

Na Leanaí’s link Co-ordinator Christina Dineen has completed Level 6 Leadership for Inclusion The Early Years and provides leadership in relation to all issues of diversity, equality and inclusion.


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